Pressured to Perfection

Throughout time women have been undermined and put down by lots of men in society. They have been expected to act a certain way, look a certain way and be something they are not. People say this had changed, people say it is different now, but it is not. Although it is better, women can work and play sport, you only have to look around to see that there is still so much inequality in the world. Women are sometimes still not paid the same amount as men even though they are doing the same job. They are pressured into so many things and this must change.
A recent study revealed that women’s magazines have 10.5 times more weight loss adverts than men’s. Women are expected to be thin and models on magazines are photo shopped constantly to society’s idea of perfection. This pressure to be slim and have a flawless figure is the main cause of severe eating disorders such as anorexia. As if this expectation was not enough women are pressured into all kinds of other things. If they do not have perfect makeup before they leave the house it is because they don’t care. They are expected to always be smiling and always look fresh even when they are completely exhausted.


Many girls will tell you that they simply cannot leave the house in the morning without doing their makeup and many will agonise over it for a very long time.

This is just society’s view. But when you realise that this discrimination goes on in the workplace and at schools too, it is a huge blow back to reality. In many companies, women must wear high-heels. Women have been sent home for wearing flat shoes (like Nicola Thorp) and refusing to change them. As part of a dress code, companies are legally allowed to force women to wear heels (despite impracticality) as long as men have the same level of smartness. The government refused to change this law when Nicola campaigned, and stated that it was already “adequate”. Apparently to force women into wearing painful and annoying shoes is completely acceptable. So does it seem like there is equality to you?

"Inside Out" Photocall - The 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival


Women have always been expected to have manners and be quiet and vulnerable. The saying “That’s not very lady-like” is frequently thrown around. But often that’s not who we want to be. Many girls do not want to “fit the mould” that society has left ready for them. Girls must not complain and dutifully get on with their work and activities such as singing whilst boys are out playing football. Can’t a girl play football too? At many schools boys will play certain sports and girls will not be allowed to participate.



Of course I’m not saying that a girl should not wear makeup or shouldn’t be quiet and shy. It’s ok to want to look good. All I am saying is we should have a choice. We should have the freedom to be whoever we want to be. Not just women, but men too. Men also have stereotypes- they are expected to be strong, brave, macho and into sport. But it’s ok for a man to sing, they too should have the freedom to vulnerable and quiet. Every person has the right to be whoever they want to be. They should not feel pressured by society to look how they don’t want to. Everyone is equally entitled to the same rights as each other, there should not be a gender pay difference, there should be equality. I want a world where everyone is free to express themselves in whatever way they choose. Discrimination needs to stop now. You need to help and WE can make a difference.


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North Somerset Bird of Prey Centre


Hi everyone! Today I had an absolutely amazing day at the North Somerset Bird of Prey Centre. At the centre they keep all kinds of wonderful creatures; not only is there several species of owl, hawk and falcon, there is also a huge variety of mammals such as raccoons and foxes. Many reptiles have their home there too!

I recently adopted an American- European barn owl cross named Cherish. She is incredibly affectionate and has even been known to fly rings to the best man for people’s weddings. She had also been on television as part of a wedding programme so she is the celebrity of the centre! Her beautiful non-water proof plumage and feathery edges of each wing allow her to fly in complete silence- making her a great hunter. I felt
extremely privileged to be able to hold and stroke her.




Me holding Cherish.


You can really see her iconic heart-shaped, white face.








The money for the adoption helped to feed her and keep the centre running- I was so happy to do my small part to ensure that this amazing centre continued its fantastic work.

I will now introduce you to some other members of the centre:


This is Calypso, a stunning Siberian Eagle owl. This is one of the largest species of owl in the world and the heaviest bird on the display team. (I can say from experience that she is extremely heavy!)

IMG_1955 (1)

Meet Apollo, a majestic, male red fox. He loves nothing more than a snack followed by a nice long nap.












This is a Southern White Faced Owl named Luna. She is one of the smallest birds on the team and you can tell from her beautiful orange eyes that she hunts at dawn and dusk.


And finally, meet Pebbles, a raccoon dog. Despite the name, the raccoon dog is NOT related to the raccoon!











And of course there are many more too…

Another thing I loved about this centre was how the staff were all so friendly. Many of them were volunteers giving up their time for free and they were all eager to answer your questions and make your visit as good as they possibly could. The talks and displays that they did were so informative and great fun- their dedication and commitment was clear. Not once did I feel unwelcome or uncomfortable, the staff were there to protect the animals and to ensure that we had an educational experience.

So, overall I had a great day. The spectacular animals and the welcoming people together created such a lovely atmosphere and it was obvious just how much the creatures are cared for. I would thoroughly recommend this centre as a lovely place to visit on your own or with family- you can visit on one of their open days or you can book different experiences where you can get up close to many of the animals. I also want to say thank you to all of the staff who work tirelessly to ensure that their animals are getting the best care possible.

Thank you.


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The Cat Sat on My Keyboard


Hello, this is my first ever blog, so welcome to The Cat Sat on My Keyboard! I am a secondary school aged girl with a love of art, writing, reading, netball, music, dance, drama and animals. I can’t wait to get started with this blog and I will be sharing my art, my poetry and any random opinions I have!

I am very excited to start so I’ll be back very soon with a new post- see you then!